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Sydhartta, female, 15. PE - BRAZIL.

Esse tumblr é feito de imagens e gifs. A maioria de filmes, clipes, artistas, bandas, seriados e desenhos animados. Se você tiver algum pedido em especial sobre qualquer uma dessas categorias, me mande pela ask.

This tumblr is made of images and gifs. Most films, videos, artists, bands, sitcoms and cartoons. If you have any requests in particular on any of these categories, send me an ask.



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- What is your favorite phrase and why?

Tom: At the moment, this is a really bad one, I keep saying, ‘bless you’. It’s a sort of way of saying, ‘thank you, you’re so sweet’. And I keep saying it, it’s terrible, in interviews whenever I start saying ‘bless you’, I can’t stop myself! I keep saying, ‘bless you, bless you’, and they’d say, ‘Harry Potter, the new film was great,’ - ‘Bless you, that’s very sweet.”

And then I realize it’s coming across as quite religious. Almost sounds like I’m the Pope or something, blessing people as I go around. And I’ll try to refrain from saying ‘bless you’ so much.

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Linkin Park - Given Up